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CYL Sunday Alliance and Softball Club

I am pleased to announce there has been some interest in our Sunday Alliance program by some parents. Listed below is the breakdown for each age group that will be offered and prices. The players will need to compete in our recreation program along with the Alliance program. The players can play in either spring, fall or middle school softball programs. Age group will be determined by age of player on January 2, 2019. The
Alliance program is for our players who are wanting a more competitive team, learning environment, and structure.

8U Sunday Alliance - Tryouts will be in late July or August. Players must also participate in recreational play.

10U Sunday Alliance - Tryouts will be in late July or August. Players must also participate in recreational play. ***Players may be moved up to 12U if not able to form competitive team.

12U Sunday Alliance - Coach will be Kim Myers.  If you have questions about this team you can call Kim at 317-616-8773.  Tryouts will be in late July or August. Players must also participate in recreational play.

At this time we are not anticipating an older age group of girls, but if there is the interest
in forming a team it is possible.

● Cost per team will be $175 per player. This will cover the cost of uniforms, equipment, fees for umpires and tourney costs.
● Teams will have mandatory practices during the winter months. Practices will most likely be on Sundays with availability of Cadet Center.
● Coaches will be determined by softball director.
● If unable to fill a competitive team with cadet players, it is possible to seek
players from outside of CYL program. The ultimate goal is to grow fundamentals and be competitive as a softball program.

Important Dates
● 8U Tryouts - August 7th 6-7pm & August 12th 3pm-4pm- Amo diamond 2
● 10U Tryouts - August 7th 7-8pm & August 12th 4pm-5pm - Amo Diamond 2
● 12U Tryouts - August 7th 7-8pm & August 12th 4pm-5pm- Amo Diamond 2
● Only need to be present at one time slot.

Any questions please contact Corinne Moore: [email protected] or 317-445-2695

Sunday Showcase


Showcase Baseball/Softball

Showcase Baseball and Softball Program Description

Sunday Showcase is an additional opportunity for players in CYL recreational program to be on a team in which the players practice more, play additional games and compete against other leagues in a stronger competitive environment. Players must try out for the team, pay additional fees above and beyond the normal CYL registration fees, and have team activities in the fall and winter leading up to the season. The Sunday Showcase season is played simultaneously as the recreational season is played until the end of the recreation league season. Sunday Show case players will play on CYL recreational teams as well as being a member of the Showcase team.

Each Showcase roster and coaching staff will be dissolved after the conclusion of each season, and new tryouts for players will take place at the conclusion of all star play and end of season tournaments. For example: the 2016 Showcase teams will hold try outs in August/September of 2017 once all teams from CYL have completed end of season tournaments and all star tournaments, and once school has started so that all kids are assured of being present.

Sunday Showcase is a developmental opportunity and experience for players that currently have an advanced skill set that allows them to be challenged more by their coaches and introduced to new additional skills that will help prepare them for future baseball experiences.

Showcase games are typically played on Sundays in the spring and summer. In order to play at high levels the teams will practice in the winter months. CYL understands many players play other sports (CYL encourages playing multiple sports) in the Fall and Winter but if no conflicts, request players make effort to get to team activities. Players should make an attempt to attend practice however the winter workouts are optional.

Teams: Each age group 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 will be permitted to have (1) or (2) teams if enough players desire to participate and managers commit to leading the team. Each team will have a maximum of 12 players, thus if there are enough players in an age group to field two teams of 12, then 24 players may participate from each age group.

Player Evaluations: Evaluations will occur in August or September. Evaluations will be specific to age group and only players of the same age will go thru evaluations together. Evaluations may be on 1 or more dates as determined by the eval staff. The eval staff will be made up of 2-3 individuals that do not have a son in the age group that is being evaluated. Some examples would be the High School staff or the Showcase staff of the age group above those players trying out. The Showcase Committee and the Player Development officer will organize and assign the Evaluation staff for each age group. The evaluation process will include skills, drills, and scrimmage game(s). The evaluation process may or may not be the same depending on player ages. The Evaluation staff will make written notice to their intended age group with regard to dates, times, agendas and communicate directly with parents. The Evaluation staff will provide the Showcase Committee and the Player Development Officer a ranking of all players at the end of tryouts. Optimal try out days are Sundays with the necessary exclusion of calendar events that would significantly affect attendance.

Player and Manager selection: After the ranking reports are received from the Evaluation Staff, the oversight committee and the Player Development Officer will then select the Managers. The oversight committee and the Player Development officer will then select the players for each team based on the combination of the evaluations, end of season evaluations (for years after 2011) and recommendations by Recreational and/or SSC Manager and Coaches or All Star Manager and Coaches. Factors in selection will include but not be limited to ability, availability, attitude and team needs. The oversight committee and the Player Development Officer will make the final selections for each team. The player selection and placement shall be completed by Oct 1.

Player expectations: Attend practice and winter work outs to learn, practice, and executing the fundamental skills of hitting, throwing, catching, base running, situational baseball and all other aspects of the game. Playing in a minimum of 2 innings (6 outs) and one at bat as is the minimum game play requirement.

Parent expectations: This is a voluntary program which does not guarantee equal playing time for all players in any way similar to the Recreational base ball league. Playing time is determined by the Manager. He/She will determine the best batting order most conducive to scoring runs, determining the best defensive alignment according to players’ s ability, determining when to have players pitch/catch according to players’ ability.

Financial: Parents will be required to pay an additional fee once the player is selected to the team. This will cover additional uniforms, eqt, tournaments and umpire fees. There may be an additional fee for winter work outs.

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